As people don’t see dogs as having sniffles similar to humans, they begin to think their dogs have a good immune system. Dogs have a strong immune system but aren’t necessarily stronger than humans as they also suffer from some issues. Dogs have sturdier stomach acids, which assist them in combating bacteria present in food. However, if dogs remain exposed to more germs, their immune systems build more responses. As a result, they can combat more bacteria. Every dog remains exposed to some germs; hence, with time, they develop their response more compared to what humans do.

What weakens the immune system of a dog?

When a dog suffers from a weakened immune system, then it will not misfire but fail to have the important response when it is exposed to a bacteria or virus. If dogs suffer from a weakened immune system, they will get habitual infections or viruses. Again, it will also shunt their growth. As a result, the dogs will become lethargic. Again, their appetite will be lost too.

The immune system of dogs becomes weakened via several factors:

  • Dogs will suffer from an infection or severe virus.
  • They will suffer from a congenital immunodeficiency disorder.
  • Poor nutrition.

The usefulness of immune supplements

For humans as well as dogs, common illnesses, particularly during winter, do slow them down. Hence, they fail to feel their best. Whenever dogs have a good immune system, it helps them in warding off various kinds of illnesses. Hence, dogs can recover faster if they fall ill. Every dog owner, besides feeding their dog a balanced and healthy diet, must think of providing some supplements, such as Holistapet immune soft chews for dogs that can strengthen their immune system. Immune supplements play an important role in boosting the general immunity of the dog. They also provide them with a natural method to fight infections and lower the risks of catching chronic diseases.

The ingredients present immune supplements

A few common ingredients that remain present in the dogs’ immune supplements are flaxseed oil, fish oil, and some sources of omega-3 fatty acids. All these components help in lessening inflammation. Another well-known ingredient is turmeric which proposes some anti-inflammatory benefits. It also helps in lessening the recovery times. Holistapet immune soft chews for dogs help lessen the signs and occurrence of disease. These chews also propose extra support so that dogs can enjoy a superb immune system. People need to provide soft chews once per day or as required as the suggested serving suggestions are decided according to the weight of the dog.