There is no doubt that crime is on the increase every single year and the number of common assaults is on the rise as well. People have grown extremely frustrated during the pandemic and many have lost their jobs and their source of income. They take out their frustrations on the general public and if some people see an easy opportunity to take something that belongs to you, then they will chance their arm and hope that you don’t fight back. The police are always tell us that we should never fight back and we should always try to be agreeable with someone who is threatening violence upon us, but that is a lot easier said than done. We have been told as children that self defence is incredibly important and we have a responsibility to ourselves to make sure that we are familiar with some kind of defence and attack routine.

This is why many people are attending camp MMA in Bangkok (known as แคมป์ เอ็มเอ็มเอ กรุงเทพ in Thai) because they want to be able to defend themselves within the law and they don’t want to be afraid of going out at night with friends and family. Unfortunately, violence is a natural consequence of living in a large town or city and so if you possess the necessary training so that you can block an attack, it means a much better outcome for everyone. The following are some of the benefits of learning self defence.

* Increased confidence – We all require the tools and skills to be able to defend ourselves and our family members and this isn’t a skill that we are naturally born with. We need to try to empower ourselves so that we can control the situation and also control our fears. Being more confident is a skill in itself and not only does it benefit you in a dangerous situation but it also benefits you in your general day-to-day life as well.

* Improved focus & skills – When you engage in learning self defence like you do when you go to the Camp MMA, it really does help to improve upon your focus and your overall concentration. It helps you to deal with a very stressful situation and you also get to learn the skills and basic movements that will help to defend yourself during an attack. It means that you don’t feel anxious at all with out in public at night time and you’re not scared to walk by yourself.

It’s time that you made some changes in your life when it comes to self defence and your overall safety.