In an ideal world, you can get all of your essential nutrients from the things you consume. But when we see the average American diet, one thing’s for sure – It’s best to start calling for backup. According to Oregon State University, 75% of people do not consume the daily recommended amount of fruit, while a whopping 80% do not consume enough veggies. That equates to up to 94% of people not meeting the daily recommended intake of vitamin D, while others do not get enough magnesium and calcium.

This is quite alarming and can cause serious health consequences, which is where supplements from places like Supplement First can help. For men, these are the supplements you can take daily for better health.

  1. Multivitamins

Multivitamins are one of the best ways to ensure you get most of the micronutrients and minerals you need in one tablet. Ensure that you purchase multivitamins from brands that sell medical-grade products, which are known to be pure, safe, and without fillers. Brands like Integrative Therapeutics from Supplement First are trusted!

  1. Vitamin D

Bone health is a priority after 40 years old as bone density begins to decline at this stage. Because of this, a supplement can help.

Also known as the sunshine vitamin, many people are deficient in this nutrient, which is vital in protecting us from the risk of various cancers. It is also essential for stronger bones, which becomes increasingly important as we grow older.

Vitamin D is crucial for men, who are also at risk of developing bone-related conditions. Men should consume about 1,000 IU daily.

  1. Vitamin B12

B vitamins are crucial in energy production, with vitamin B12 being particularly important for our brain function. If one doesn’t get enough vitamin B12, then one can experience lethargy or brain fog. As we get older, we might require vitamin B12 supplements to ensure we get the daily recommended amount, as it can be difficult for our bodies to absorb B12 from what we consume.

  1. Fiber

Getting enough fiber daily is crucial for everyone, though men require the most fiber. Fiber helps with our digestion to keep things moving, as well as lower our cholesterol levels and control blood sugar for those with diabetes.

Men must aim for about 38 grams of fiber daily, which they can get in food and supplement form.

  1. Magnesium

Magnesium is a mineral everyone needs! Research suggests that up to 70% of Americans do not get enough of this nutrient and this can lead to poor sleep quality, digestive issues, mood swings, and even an increased risk of heart disease.

Moreover, magnesium is crucial for men as it aids in testosterone production, a hormone that declines with age. The recommended daily allowance of this mineral would increase for adults over 30 years old, with men requiring 420mg.

Wrapping It Up

Keep these supplements in mind but make sure you speak with your doctor first about taking them.